Find Tons of Fun for the Entire Family At This Renaissance Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Ready for a good joust and a turkey leg? The Carolina Renaissance Festival and Artisan Marketplace are back for another year this fall in Charlotte.  Local mom Jackie tells us what to expect at Ren-Fest plus shares tips for a great experience with your family!

The 2022 Carolina Renaissance Festival takes place Saturdays and Sundays, October 2 – November 20, 2022.

Make the most of a trip to the area with The Kidding Around Ultimate Guide To Fun With Kids in Charlotte, NC.

Ren Fest in Charlotte

I recently took my kids to their first renaissance festival in Charlotte, and they had a great time! The Annual Carolina Renaissance Festival and Artisan Marketplace are fun for the whole family. We wove our way through the delicious smell of roasted turkey legs, through artisan shops, past sword jugglers, falconry demonstrations, and a live jousting tournament. It was a blast!

Info About The Renaissance Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina

There is so much to do and see; you will need to plan on spending the day. I found that some of my friends have been coming to this very ren-fest since they were school-age tots, it is that good! A map at the front will guide you to tons of show offerings. Most showtimes will rotate around again if you happen to miss something you wanted to see.

Maybe we are some nature geeks, but the falconry show is a must! Swooping owls, vultures, hawks, and of course, falcons wow the crowd as you feel the air whoosh overhead. The jousting tournament is top-notch. Choose your side of the arena to take a seat, and you have chosen your valiant knight. Jousting passes will have you on the edge of your chair! The shields and lance pieces used in the tournament are available for purchase immediately after the show – this was one souvenir my boys had to have!

Other attractions are nearly endless: petting farm, rides, games, comedy, magic, pirates, royal courts, Robin Hood, fairies, glass blowing, blacksmiths, pottery making, jewelry, leather works, and on, and on, and on!

Check out the full entertainment schedule.

Tips For Your Visit To The Renaissance Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Prepare for lots of walking, especially through dust and dirt.
  • Bathrooms are available via port-a-potties, as is a water station.
  • Mighty tasty food & drinks are available for purchase, outside food is not permitted except on Student Days.
  • Prepare your kids (and yourself) for large crowds.

2022 Charlotte Renaissance Festival Ticket Info

Does a day at the Renaissance Festival sound like a perfect outing for your family?

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