25+ Farms Offer Sweet Strawberry Picking: Charlotte, NC (2024)

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Are you looking for farms where you can go strawberry picking? Charlotte, NC is full of local you-pick strawberry farms and there are even more just a short drive away. Our list includes farms large and small, and some even offer playgrounds and opportunities to interact with animals, enjoy an ice cream cone, or get a delicious lunch! Finishing off this piece you’ll find our tried and true parent tips for strawberry picking with kids. So make your plans to enjoy strawberry season!

Strawberry Picking: Charlotte, NC

Strawberry Farms Near Charlotte, NC

Kicking off this list: the closest strawberry picking to Charlotte, NC. The 14 farms below are 1 hour away or less from Charlotte.

The second half of this list has farms near Columbia, SC, Greenville, SC and Western North Carolina, jut a couple of hours away. Don’t skip those because they make the strawberry season last even longer. Columbia usually has strawberries earlier than we do, and the farms in Western North Carolina often have strawberries after our farms have finished their seasons.

Springs Farm, SC

Fort Mill, SC
This farm in For Mill offers both you-pick and pre-pick strawberries. You’ll want to watch their social media for updates on availability and hours they will be open for you-pick. In addition to strawberries, this farm offers a CSA program and a market that carries produce, jarred items, fresh-made ice cream, slushies, glass bottled soda and more.

1010 Springfield Parkway, Fort Mill, SC
Springs Farm Website
Springs Farm Instagram
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 25 minutes

Wise Acres Organic

Indian Trail, NC: 4701 Hartis Road
If you’re looking to pick your own organic strawberries, Wise Acres in Indian Trail, NC is the place to visit. They are a certified organic farm with u-pick strawberries in the spring by reservation only. That means you do have to plan ahead to visit this farm. However, if you just want to pick up some pre-picked berries you can do that without a reservation at The Green House store beside the farm. They also carry ice cream, snacks, local items, Wise Acres flowers, and sometimes even a food truck. You really could spend a whole afternoon at this farm!

U-pick strawberry reservations will open up very early April as plants get closer to producing berries, the farm typically opens for picking in mid-April.

4701 Hartis Road, Indian Trail, NC
Wise Acres Website
Wise Acres Instagram
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 30 minutes

Lineberger’s Farm

Dallas, NC
Lineberger’s Farm in Dallas, NC is gearing up for strawberries. They’ll be offering strawberries April through June. Similar to other farms you’ll want to follow social media for picking availability. In addition to picking they also have a playground and chicken coop on site for kids to enjoy. There’s also a farm store where you can buy pre-picked produce, jams, jellies, and snacks.

906 Dallas Stanley Highway, Dallas, NC
Linberger’s Website
Linberger’s Facebook
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 30 minutes

Hunter Farm

Weddington, NC
The Hunter Farm is a family-run farm in Weddington, North Carolina. In the spring they offer strawberry picking and fun wagon rides to their animal barn. You’ll want to stay tuned to their Facebook page for official opening information, but currently, they are targeting mid-April 2024 to open for the spring season! They will open reservation slots for picking, and sometimes they have professional photo sessions, food trucks, and more.

13624 Providence Road, Weddington, NC
Hunter Farm Website
Hunter Farm Facebook
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 30 minutes

Deer Run Farm of Midland

Midland, NC
Deer Run Farm plans to open for u-pick strawberries in the second week of April in 2024. One of the totally awesome things about this farm is that have 4 rows of strawberries that are wheelchair accessible! Check their Facebook page in April for more information on picking.

 4664 Hwy 24 27 E Midland, NC (new location for picking in 2024!!)
Deer Run Farm Website
Deer Run Farm
Distance from Charlotte, NC: about 35 minutes

Carrigan Farms

Mooresville, NC
Strawberry picking is available at Carrigan Farms towards the end of April. In addition to strawberries, Carrigan Farms offers swimming in their quarry beginning in May. If you want to know about swimming there, check out our review of The Quarry at Carrigan Farms.

1261 Oakridge Farm Highway, Mooresville, NC
Strawberries at Carrigan Farms Website
Carrigan Farms Facebook
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 40 minutes

The Ivy Place

Lancaster, SC
The Ivy Place offers both you-pick and pre-picked strawberries. They are open for the 2024 season! They also offer blackberries and blueberries later in the season, plus tomatoes, zucchini, and other produce in the summer.

8603 Van Wyck Road, Lancaster, SC
The Ivy Place Website
The Ivey Place Facebook
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 40 minutes

Hall Family Farm

Lancaster, SC
The Hall Family Farm offers u-pick strawberries- no reservation required and no admission fee. Follow their social media page for availability, but they are open for the 2024 season! Don’t miss visiting with the pigs, goats, and chickens, and pick up something yummy to eat at the bakery. Kids can play at a variety of play areas including two ropes courses! Pay per activity.

445 W Rebound Road, Lancaster, SC
Hall Family Farm Website
Hall Family Farm Facebook
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 40 minutes

Patterson Farm

Mount Ulla, NC
Patterson Farm is more than a strawberry-picking destination. They also offer a barn with animals and a playground area with admission, plus a farm store with pre-picked strawberries, kettle corn, and ice cream. There is no admission fee to access the store. You can access both the strawberry fields and the play area and barn with a single admission fee of $11 (paid online or $13 paid at the gate) per person. Tickets for only the strawberry field are just $1 when purchased in advance. Tickets for just the playspaces are also available. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance, as access to the strawberry fields at the gate depends on availability.

10390 Caldwell Road, Mt Ulla, NC
Patterson Farm Spring Strawberries Website
Patterson Farm Facebook
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 45 minutes

Beaver Farms

Statesville, NC
Pick strawberries at this mountain farm with no admission fee and no reservations required. They also have pre-picked berries for sale. They plan to open for 2024 strawberry picking at the end of April, 2024. Follow them on facebook for opening dates.

270 Beaver Farm Road, Statesville, NC
Beaver Farms Website
Beaver Farms Facebook
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 45 minutes


York, SC
A York, SC favorite, picking strawberries at Bush-N-Vine is a tradition for lots of Charlotte area families. They opened April 4th, 2024 for the strawberry picking season. No reservations are needed but you’ll want to follow their website and social media for field conditions and availability. In addition to strawberry picking, Bush-N-Vine has picnic areas and a Farm Cafe with ice cream, hot dogs, doughnuts, and lots more yummy options. They also offer additional fruits and vegetables for sale.

You can read more about our visit to Bush-N-Wine in our Guide to York County Things to Do.

1650 Filbert Highway, York, SC
Bush-N-Vine Website
Busn-N-Vine Facebook
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 50 minutes

Bush N Vine orchard in York, South Carolina

Black’s Peaches

York, SC
Strawberry picking starts mid-April at Black’s Peaches. You can expect it to run through mid-June and then peach picking starts! Black’s Peaches also offers a weekly produce basket, farm store, cafe, and bakery.

1800 Black Highway, York, SC
Black’s Peaches Website
Black’s Peaches Facebook
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 50 minutes

Cody Strawberry Farm

Ridgefield, NC
2024 Strawberries are ripening at Cody Strawberry Farm, they anticipate opening for u-pick strawberries as the weather warms and the fruit ripens. This family farms grows lots of different produce and typically offers u-pick strawberries in the spring.

44052 Pauls Crossing Road, Ridgefield, NC
Cody Strawberry Farm Website
Cody Strawberry Farm Facebook
Distance from Charlotte, NC: 55 minutes

Cotton Hills Farm

Chester, SC
Cotton Hils Farm (The Market At Lowry’s) plans to open April 5th, 2024. U-pick is open as available throughout the season. In the summer you can also pick peaches at Cotton Hills. Their store has jar items and local produce, which you can also pick up at one of their two stand locations.

2575 Lowrys Highway, Lowrys, SC
Cotton Hills Farm Website
Cotton Hills Farm Facebook
Distance from Charlotte, NC: Just under 1 hour

Cottle Strawberry Farm

Looking for more places to pick strawberries? 20 More Farms

Hit the road for a delicious day trip!

Discover 20+ more places to pick strawberries within a couple of hours from Charlotte!

Make strawberry season even longer! The season starts a bit earlier in Columbia, then use the Greenville list to find Western North Carolina strawberry patches picking later in the season.

We love the wheelchair-accessible strawberry picking at Lush Acres Farm in Clinton, SC. It’s about 2 hours from Charlotte, but so worth it for this unique option. They also have animals to visit and kids’ activities like a jumping pillow! Check out our full Kidding Around Review of Lush Acres Farm from our recent visit.

Accessible strawberry picking at Lush Acres Farm in Clinton, SC

6 Parent Tips for Picking Your Own Strawberries

Bringing the kids strawberry picking? We’ve done that A LOT. Learn from our experience in strawberry fields and patches with these tips to help you have the most fun with your kiddos!

Strawberry Picking Tip #1: There is little shade in a strawberry patch. To avoid the heat, pick in the early morning or early evening if possible. Be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat and don’t forget water bottles!

Strawberry Picking Tip #2: Some farms do not have restrooms and others may have just a port-a-potty. Use the restroom before you leave the house, and if you’re driving a good distance to the farm, consider a stop at a restroom stop before you arrive.

Strawberry Picking Tip #3: Sandals are cute for photos, but they are not a good choice when picking strawberries. You may find mud, fire ant hills and other insects. Wear closed-toed shoes or even rain boots. You may even want to toss in a plastic bag for dirty shoes so you don’t get mud all over the car.

Strawberry Picking Tip #4: Talk to the kids before you arrive about farm rules such as not stepping on plants and only picking what you plan to keep.

Strawberry Picking Tip #5: Call ahead. Picking is VERY dependent on field conditions, weather, how many visitors the farm hosted the day before, etc. Calling ahead is the best way to ensure you will be able to pick when ou arrive. Also follow the farm’s social media pages for updates.

Strawberry Picking Tip #6: Save your gallon baskets year to year. Most patches ask that you only use approved gallon baskets or buckets. Some farms will provide them for free, others will ask you to purchase the baskets. Usually you can reuse baskets from year to year from local patches and save a few dollars. Plan on spending a little extra money on purchasing approved baskets if you don’t already own some.

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