Exploring Play 60 Kids Zone at Freedom Park: Charlotte, NC

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Nestled in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, lies a ninja warrior-style dream park for kids – the Play 60 Playground at Freedom Park! This is not your typical playground space, it’s an obstacle course with all kinds of challenges, plus a 40-yard dash complete with a timer. Let’s dive into what makes this playground a must-visit spot in Freedom Park, Charlotte, NC.

Play 60 Park Charlotte, NC

About Play 60 Playground: Freedom Park

Step into a world of boundless energy at Play 60 Playground. This vibrant oasis is bursting with excitement. Full of challenging climbing frames and unique obstacles, there’s no shortage of thrills to be found here. And the best part? Every inch of this playground is designed to spark and encourage active play.

Nitty Gritty Details for Parents: Play 60

Clean, well-maintained, and oh-so-convenient, nearby restroom facilities ensure that your playtime fun isn’t interrupted by any unnecessary pit stops. The restrooms are located right between Play 60 Park and Freedom Park’s other, more traditional playground.

Plenty of seating areas are spread around the park for parents to kick back and relax, and everyone can enjoy a little R&R while the kids burn off some steam. Of course, parents can also join in on the obstacle course challenges. Try it and watch your kids grin from ear to ear when mom and dad join in the fun.

Nearby picnic areas mean you can pack a picnic and enjoy a meal alfresco near Play 60 Park. Bring along some sandwiches, salads, fruits, and snacks, and spread out a blanket. Or, take advantage of the food trucks sometimes on-site near the playground or deeper into Freedom Park.

Worried about finding a spot for your trusty minivan? Fear not! Play 60 Playground has got you covered with ample parking facilities nearby.

Play 60 Park

What People Love About Play 60 Playground

Here are some common reasons why parents adore this playground:

  • Variety of Play Equipment: The playground offers a diverse range of play equipment suitable for children of all ages and abilities including climbing structures and interactive elements. There’s something for every child to enjoy, encouraging physical activity and imaginative play.
  • Convenient Facilities: The presence of restrooms, seating areas, and nearby parking facilities make visiting Play 60 Playground a convenient and hassle-free experience for parents.
  • Opportunities for Physical Activity: Screen time is so prevalent in the lives of our kids. Play 60 Playground encourages physical activity in a unique creative way that kids love.

Our Favorite Parts of Play 60 Kids Zone

What truly sets Play 60 Playground apart are its one-of-a-kind obstacle features. Imagine a fitness zone where kids can break a sweat while having a blast. There’s also a 40 yard dash with a working timer that kids love. Our kids ran races over and over again. This may have been their favorite part.

40 Yard Dash at Play 60 Kids Zone

Move through tunnels, practice your footwork, climb through the ropes, and other fun, challenging obstacles at this NFL Play 60 initiative park.

Things to Know about Freedom Park

Play60 Kids Zone is near Freedom Park’s other playground. However, it’s not close enough to carefully watch children on both playgrounds at the same time. So, if you are supervising multiple children and plan to play at both playgrounds, you’ll want to prepare them to stay at one play area and then move to the next as a group.

Freedom Park, Charlotte NC

The other playground is definitely a fun place to play, too. You’ll find additional climbing structures plus slides and more traditional playground equipment.

The Freedom Park Playground also has an old train engine that kids climb into. So you’ll want to make sure to check that out.

Freedom Park itself is a very large park, covering about 98 acres. There are lots of pretty paths to walk, nature to explore, bridges to cross, and even a small lake. So in addition to your playtime, consider packing a picnic or a hearty snack and staying for a while. There’s a lot to see at Freedom Park.

Freedom Park in Charlotte NC


In a world filled with screens and schedules, Play 60 Kids Zone offers a refreshing escape into the joy outdoor play. Get those muscles ready, it’s time to be active and see what you can do at Play 60 Kids Zone, Freedom Park.

Freedom Park Map
1908 East Boulevard, Charlotte

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