5 Valentine’s Day Cards Free! Print or Make These EASY cards right now!

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Valentine’s Day cards for kids do not have to be complicated or expensive. No, you don’t have to include candy, stickers, tattoos, or any other little trinket that’s got a pretty good chance of being dropped on the way home anyway. A simple card that says “Hey, thanks for being my friend,” is heartfelt and in keeping everything good about Valentine’s Day. Of course, you can include little gifts if you’d like to and they do make the Valentine’s Day festivities at school a little more sparkly. Either way, here are some ideas for FREE (or very cheap) Valentines.

free printable valentine's day cards
Valentine's Day Guide

Looking for more Valentine’s fun? We’ve rounded up a bunch of things to do for Valentine’s Day near Greenville, SC for you!

These ideas are also a good substitution for the boxed Valentine’s that seem to be a little difficult to find right about now.!

Valentine’s Day Card: Free Print Options

Your first, and maybe the easiest, option for a replacement of the boxed Valentine variety are free printables. If you have card stock, that’s probably your best option. (Or, pick up a pack at the store. You likely won’t spend more than those boxed cards anyway). Print them off on card stock, color and you’re done! As an alternative, cut them out and paste them onto a blank index card. If you’d like to include a little gift, you can cut two slits in the card and slide in a pencil or lollypop.

You can do a quick search for printable, free Valentine’s Day Cards and you will find a lot of options. Here are a couple of free printable Valentines that some of the Kidding Around kids tried out for our readers.

Printable Valentines With Envelope

These totally free printable valentines even come with a cute envelope your kid can cut out and glue together. The envelope is big enough to slide in both a card and a little gift like stickers or a piece of candy to accompany these sweet valentines if you’d like.

homemade valentine's day cards for kids

Cute Frog and Dino Valentines

Get these frog Valentines Day Cards free. Print on card stock and cut them out. Write on some names and you’re done, because they come pre-colored. Or, glue them onto some index cards and add a little extra decoration for a personal touch. The choice is yours.

Want to add a little extra something? Run by the party section of a local store and see if you can find any plastic frogs. I’m thinking those ones that hop when you press down on them, or even the simple molded plastic frogs. Cut a couple of slits for the frog legs into your card and slide in the frogs. Done.

frog valentine's day card printables

Have a dino fan? You can do the same things with these cute dino printable Valentine’s Day cards. We used a construction paper base and regular printer paper for the printed part of the card.

dinosaur printable valentine's day cards

Quick Homemade Valentines

No printer? No problem. Grab a pack of index cards. Raid your sticker and stamp collection or pick up some at the dollar store. A few stamps, a printed name, and maybe an attached lollypop or heart-shaped candy, and you’re good to go.

diy valentine's day cards for kids

“You Rock” Valentines

Check out these cute Valentines made out of rocks. All you need is some google eyes, a sharpie, and of course, rocks. I don’t know about you, but my kid has a serious rock collection both in and out of the house. He could easily give out some rock Valentines and would love to receive a pet rock Valentine like these to add to his collections.

unique homemade valentine's day cards for kids

What are your kids handing out at school this Valentine’s Day?

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